About enezaIT Solutions Ltd

enezaIT Solutions LTD is a specialized digital marketing agency that focuses on helping businesses and organizations promote their products, services, or brand through various online channels and platforms. We offer a range of services aimed at maximizing a client’s online presence, driving targeted traffic, and ultimately increasing conversions and sales. Our services encompasses a wide array of strategies, including website design services in Kenya, Social Media Marketing, Bulk SMS Solutions,  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Content Creation, Email marketing, Influencer Partnerships, and Offline Marketing Strategies

We're Your Partner in Your Success

We are a creative digital marketing agency based in Kenya. We provide services like Web Design & Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Services and Content Writing Services. We aim to deliver the best results for your business through our web design services and digital marketing strategies. Our web design experts work with you every step of the way from initial research and strategy formulation to actual development and deployment of the website. Our integrated approach helps you achieve ROI on your online presence most effectively through creative design, unique content and smart search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Since our foundation in 2015, eneza IT solutions has been a key leader in promoting web related services in Kenya. The directors have worked tirelessly in forming a company that has diverse personnel well equipped in various IT sectors such as website design in Kenya, social media marketing in Kenya, Bulk SMS solutions in Kenya, digital marketing services in Kenya, Software | App development in Kenya and custom IT solutions.

Having worked with over 300 clients in various business sectors, eneza IT solutions has been positioned as the lead Digital Marketing Company in Kenya. Their portfolio is rich and their client’s feedback is something to marvel about. Eneza IT solutions have clients from the Manufacturing sector such as Reliable Concrete, Hospitality sector such as Ziwani Suites, Brownies Kenya, Leoz Suites, and Elparaiso Hotel in Rumuruti and more.

Moreover, eneza IT solutions have been a key front in supporting entrepreneurial startups in Nakuru.

One of the start-ups includes SIHA organic Grocery Stores which is a licensed company in Nakuru offering healthy and organic grocery products to Nakuru residents. Through a partnership with eneza IT solutions, SIHA can now offer delivery services through their online website: This has boosted their sales online especially during the COVID season when most business operations were paralyzed. 


In addition, eneza IT solutions provide digital marketing services for SIHA; this includes social media management, bulk SMS provision and outdoor marketing such as banner design, flyer designs, letterhead design, shop signage designs and all related printing services.

The company has grown throughout the years and is now eyeing large projects in Kenya as they have the potential to deliver. One of their key partners includes Nakuru Box, Kenic and Founders Orbit. Eneza is also looking for a partnership with Nakuru Business Association so that they can provide essential digital marketing skills to small business owners in Nakuru.

The team is incredible and innovative as well. A selection of young aged personnel runs the day to day activities of the organization which include social media management, graphic design services, sales and marketing. Without a doubt, eneza IT solutions will grow to be a large service provider in the IT sector in Kenya. The company well aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals in Kenya; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Surely, they are one of the unique companies in Kenya aiming to delve into the digital space and make long-lasting solutions for Kenyan residents and Africa at large.