Web Design and development for Schools

Does your school have a website? Having a school website in Kenya is among the top search queries in 2021 according to reports by Google. A school website in Kenya is more vital than ever, especially with the changing times whereby homeschooling is growing rampant due to increased cases of COVID-19. Eneza IT web developers offer school websites customized to ensure you have automated some of your school operations. A website for schools ensures the top management answers queries related to the fee structure, and admissions by having a landing page where parents can see where the school is located, why choose the school, How admissions are done, Gallery, testimonials and updates about the school. Moreover, our professional website developers for schools are ready to work with you from start to bottom. Incorporating management in the website development journey ensures we build custom-tailored websites for schools which can be integrated with an online learning module.

Digital Marketing for Schools

Would you like to keep your brand consistent and fluent with your customers? Digital Marketing is then right for you.

Social media campaigns combined with website conversions help a hospital get more reach and also convert potential clients into sales.

Social Media platforms such as FB, Twitter and Instagram are ideal for schools and it’s an easy way to get out there in public and showcase your brand. Moreover, Digital marketing for schools helps the public to keep tabs on important school news and also acts as a guide whereby teachers, and students can read more about the school’s history, vision, mission and updates about the school.

Eneza IT is a digital marketing company in Kenya with experts who will help you manage social media for your school, increase SEO visibility for your school website and also generate leads as well as maintain a digital marketing PR for your brand. Here are some of the clients who have trusted us with their digital marketing needs.

Still wondering where to get started with Digital Marketing for your school, fill out the contact form below and we shall get in touch.

Bulk SMS for Schools

Sending text messages is the easiest way to communicate to existing clients in your database and also reach out to new ones. According to reports, SMS have 90% opening rates compared to WhatsApp messages. Moreover, it’s easy to reach masses of people by only sending a text message at a go.

This is why having bulk SMS for your school is important:

  • Get more brand awareness
  • Get feedback from clients through integration with survey forms
  • Update clients on school progress and upcoming events
  • Notify parents on visitation days and student reports
  • Remind parents of unpaid fee balances
  • Invite parents for an emergency discussion about the school
  • Add important and critical issues about school changes to parents
  • Hear from the source – A branded message with the school name helps show authenticity first and builds trust

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