What to consider before choosing a Web Design Company?

Having your website online today is more impactful and it can generate more sales than you think. In the wake of a new world whereby Digital marketing is the new norm, having a website makes your business stand out. However, a careful research is needed before selecting a web design company in Kenya. This is important to your business and also your financial budget. A wrong website design which does not meet overall business needs will only result to losses. If you are planning to get a e-Commerce website, portfolio website or blog please read this guide carefully.

  1. Research about the web design Company

This involves a deep analysis of a web designing agency services, their recent projects and clients’ testimonials. This will give you insights of what you want and verify if the website design company meets your needs. A good web design company should have listed their recent projects.  Also, check if the company has the following important pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Services Page
  • Our Clients
  • Contact Us Page


  1. Check out their social profiles

The presence of social media accounts will help you know more about the company. A good web design agency will have more than three social accounts listed on their about page. Nowadays, many businesses use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to market their products. A reliable and professional web design company will use info-graphics to promote their services. You can decide to chat with them online and request  for a quote.


  1. Schedule a call or Visit their Offices

Talking to a professional gives you confidence and helps you build a rapport. You can schedule a call or check out the Google My Business Page. This will give you directions to where the company is located. A web design company will sure ask you about website requirements. This helps a professional web designer to be able to understand your needs.

Have a clear picture of what you want. Either E-commerce or blog, make sure to have some requirements. In E-commerce websites, clients can provide his/her business products or services. Moreover, you can capture various pictures or note other websites similarly to what you want. This will enable you to be at the center-stage process of your website development. No need to have coding skills or deep knowledge about websites.


  1. Plan your Financial Budget

This is the most important step after web consultation. Website requirements also influence the overall cost of the website. If you have a limited budget, consider requesting for a quote. Other web design companies have a cost calculator that enables a client to add feature and view overall total budget. If you are newbie, make sure to call or schedule an appointment.

  1. Be involved in the website creation process

Many clients do not follow up on the website creation process. This can be disadvantageous as well as fatal. I had a recent experience with a client whereby his website had been banned by Google. It was almost 3 weeks and the client had no idea. A good web design company will surely involve you in the process and also train you on Content Management Systems.

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