Digital Marketing will help you to save on advertising costs

Have you set up your business for Digital Marketing?  Undoubtedly digital marketing in Kenya is the new norm simplifying all marketing processes. Why do you need a field salesman when you can adopt several strategies to help you save much money?  Nowadays, advertisements in TV stations and radio have been brought to extinction. This is termed as rapid innovation. So, if you have not adopted digital marketing, start now and be among the top pioneers in online marketing.

Let’s start off with the basics; Digital marketing is the process of advertising your business products and services through social media, websites and blogs. Definitely right, social media channels are the top sources of online traffic. A study conducted shows that an average person will spend up to 4 hours browsing through the web.

So think about funneling 1000 plus visitors to your brand in a day using social media channels.

In addition, you can convert more sales using digital marketing than oral marketing. You can spend hours trying to persuade a customer to buy a product or enroll in a service. This is where digital marketing comes in. 

In my experience, I have used social media channels to get more information about a brand. This includes getting their (NAP) information and reading reviews and ratings of their services. In Facebook, you can also get to know about a brand photos and also how responsive they are.

So how do I enroll my business in digital marketing?

To start off, digital marketing is non-discriminatory and absolutely free. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or a freelance business. You can take advantage of this opportunity today by hiring the best digital marketing agency in Kenya.

However, to be an expert in digital marketing you have to be conversant with web design, online branding, SEO practices and content marketing. As I said earlier before digital marketing is a process and not a one-time installation. It takes much time to develop competencies in the digital marketing field.

There are so many ways to conduct digital marketing today. However, some methods may work for you and others may cost you losses and ruin your brand. A professional digital marketer will be able to suggest the best strategy that will work for your business.

Eneza IT solutions provide three start-up packages that will gear your business online. They have a package tailored for every business. Honestly, every business will soon require an online brand. The following advantages are provided by eneza it digital marketing team.

·         Increase in sale conversions

A effective digital marketing should result to more sales conversions. Eneza IT digital marketing ensures business goals are achieved. Be sure to increase profitability and get in-depth insights of key areas you should improve on.

       Strong Brand Presence

   Having a brand online is not enough. Getting your brand visible and increasing customer interactivity is the utmost goal. You can view our clients’ logos and their e-commerce sites. A business logo should be simple as well engage customer attention. This will foster more click-through rates and more calls. Eneza it solutions have eased the whole process by crafting info-graphics that speak your brand and tell more about a brand products and services.

·         Social and Cloud Based Customer Relationship Strategies

Traditional Customer Relationship Strategies have now been replaced by cloud based CRM systems. Social Media channels especially twitter has been used by Brands to interact with customers and posting useful information about a Brands latest offers and changes. This is a major advantage during this COVID 19 pandemic.

So drop the hassle of searching for the best online marketing agency in Kenya. Take advantage of Eneza it start-up packages and harness more potential for your business. Nowadays, many businesses are stuck as a result of ignoring digital marketing and sticking to traditional marketing strategies which end up draining their pockets.